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MCCF, GI-Bill, Post 9/11 GI-Bill. How to Transfer?


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When I enlisted in 1999 I had an incentive for the Marine Corps College Fund, which provided up to 50k towards education. It was a "kicker" on the GI-Bill. One of the corrections that I received to my record and DD-214 was that I did in-fact complete the required $1,200 for the GI-Bill.

I involuntarily separated in 2007 and didn't receive a transition briefing, etc because it was presumed that I wasn't eligible for VA benefits. Until the latter part of 2019 this was a true statement.

Shortly thereafter I began making phone calls and sending faxes to various offices and the records were being corrected. As I began working through the wickets to get the corrected paperwork, COVID put the brakes on things and life happened on my end.

I'm trying to understand what my options are. My BCNR correction letter stated that they would inform VA of my dates of application for the purpose of determining my eligibility cutoff dates, etc. and I'm not exactly sure if that is favorable to me or not.

In effort to figure some of this out, I called the VA and a very nice woman answered all of my questions. She said that she didn't see any expiration on my Chapter 30 benefits, that I never applied for Chapter 33 and she did confirm the kicker. She mentioned that it could be in my interest to complete a Form 22-1995 because the address they have on file doesn't match my current one. One thing she didn't know was about exceptions to additional service obligations upon Chapter 33 application.

According to the conversation, I must have served at least 6 years to qualify (check) and then must agree to serve an additional 4 years after applying. Although I now have an RE-1 reenlistment code, an additional service obligation is not realistic for me.

My goal is to be able to transfer my benefits to my minor children. How do I do that?
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You may be able to transfer education benefits if you’re on active duty or in the Selected Reserve and you meet the following requirements.

All of these must be true:

  • You've completed at least 6 years of service on the date your request is approved, and
  • You agree to add 4 more years of service, and
  • The person getting benefits has enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).