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First time post-

Quick background - 22 years (all active duty), Army, "MEB Outreach" because I'm in recruiting, servicing installation is Fort Gordon.

MEB counseling emailed with supporting documentation.

C&P exam basically gave me credit for everything I claimed which I'm fine with.

NARSUM report has everything as meeting retention standards except for headaches, but unfit for duty. It's concerning because I have some major things that a civilian contracted doctor in Atlanta didn't write up in the NARSUM report. The doctor does say the headaches are extreme and concurs with all supporting documentation.

Is it worth sending to IMR to get someone to review the TBIs, PTSD, etc? IF so, how long does it usually take for an IMR?

Does the PEB just look at the NARSUM report or do they look at everything?


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I do not have any information that can help you in regards to an IMR.

For the PEB, the package should contain things like the NARSUM, a non-medical assessment from your command, the results of the C&P exams, your evals, and a personal statement if you so desire (This might be a little different in the Army) The PEB will take all information provided into consideration when making a decision and rating your conditions. People on this forum have always questioned if one document is considered more heavily than another based on the results of their specific situation. In my personal experience, the assessment from my chain of command and my C&P DBQs weighed heavily into the decision of being UNFIT because they made it clear that I was incapable of performing my duties or being deployed due to my conditions. Keep in mind, I still have outstanding evals, an EP and MP, but was still found UNFIT.


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Thank you. Throughout this entire process my civilian medical records have not been reviewed (assumption). Maybe to you might be able to answer, but my PEBLO told me that DoD will match VA rating since I have over 20 years for medical retirement. Any validity to this or heard anything like that? In theory it makes sense, but sense is not an option in this process.
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