MEB Concerns Psoriatic Arthritis


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I am also following. I have been on Humira since Nov and take a shot every other week for P and PsA. I submitted a letter from my doctor stating that i need constant treatment with systemic immunosuppressive medication. But when i got my C&P exams back the VA doc checked 6 weeks or more for systemic meds and constant for topicals. I requested an IMR and wrote a rebuttal stating that the VA doc got my medications backwards, as i require injections every other week for the rest of my life and use topicals for flares.

I am hoping that they get it right the first time.

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Following this thread. I recently completed my C&P exams for Psoriasis and PSA. I hope to see my NARSUM and exam results soon. Have you received the results from your C&P exams K9? Did you get any insight on how they are going to rate your PSA? I haven't been on Humira for a year quite yet, about nine months as of now.

The 28th I have a meeting with the MEB JAG lawyers to go over my NARSUM. He told me that he would give me a ballpark estimate on what ratings I would be looking at so I'll definitely let you know how that goes.


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Well I just returned from speaking to the MEB Lawyers following my C&P exams. She said I would be rated at a minimum of 10% for all of the joints that were noted for pain even if there was no limited ROM for the PsA. I was kind of surprised when she said they may rate my Psoriasis itself at 0% instead of 60% even though I've been on Humira for almost a year and the C&P examiner marked constant or near constant use on the DBQ. She said she didn't believe the VA would rate me for both the joint issues caused by the PsA as well as the Psoriasis.

Has anyone else ever heard of this, or is this just a case of the lawyer being unfamiliar with the ratings for Psoriasis and PsA? I can't find anywhere in the regulation where it states that it would not be rated as two separate conditions.
@maparker Do you have any insight?


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First, do not worry at all about the military calling it EPTS unless this condition was noted on your entrance physical. I dobt it was. What matters is when the condition manifested, not if it has a genetic factor or not. Even if it was EPTS, the military would still compensate the condition under 10 USC 1207a given the fact you are active duty and have 8+ years of active duty. The VA should service connect/compensate/treat the condition unless they can demonstrate the condition manifested prior to entry which I doubt they can.

Whether it triggers a MEB or not will depend on its severity and the drugs used to treat it. Drugs like Enbrel, Humira, Remicade will usually trigger a MEB. However, the systemic use of these immunosuppressive drugs will trigger at least a 60% rating under the VASRD.

If a MEB is triggered, get back to me as there is a lot you need to know about how to proper document and rate psoriatic arthritis.

I am just starting my MEB for Psoriasis/Psoriatic Arthritis. Can you give me the information that you referred to above on how to document and rate psoriatic arthritis? Thanks in advance
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