MEB - Crohn's Disease


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Hello Everyone!

My husband was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in February. About a month ago, the MEB process began for him. Alot of what we heard and read made it seem like he would eventually be medically discharged for this. My understanding was that the MEB could have two results: a limitation code or a referral for a full MEB (PEB portion). We got news this week that there actually isnt an answer yet, they want to wait 6 more months and then evaluate his case. So I guess we are just on hold for now (more time for treatment, etc). I didn't know this was a possible outcome of the MEB: to have to wait longer with no answer or movement at all. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this a good sign for him being able to stay in? Also, is there anyone with Crohn's that was found fit for duty and able to stay in? Any information would be much appreciated!


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Sounds like a RILO (Review In Lieu Of MEB). Its fairly common, and it is usually a good thing as it allows the condition and treatment to stabilize. A stable and effective treatment plan are usually requirements to stay in, so if you are looking to stay, this can really only help. If it is eventually deemed unfitting, it would be rated under VASRD Code 7323 (Ulcerative Colitis). Search for it on and that will give you a better idea of what to expect from a ratings and separation/retirement perspective. This is a long process no matter how it shakes out, so you have time to get familiar with the lingo and rules.


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My boyfriend has Crohn's and has been found fit for duty with a limitation code a handful of times. It does happen. He was diagnosed several years ago and still in.


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Hello. I am new to this forum and need some advice. I was diagnosed with both Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis in May 2015. I was cleared to deploy Oct 2015-Sept 2016. 3 months into the deployment my symptoms began to get significantly worse and caused me to work out of the TOC the rest of the deployment to be near a bathroom. I went to the PA a few times and all he did was give me diarrhea medicine and sent me on my way. I never did ask for a LOD. Fast forward to now and my symptoms are still the same. I've seen GI's and been on 5 different medications. Nothing has helped. I wanted to stay in for the full 20 but I've only been in 6 and there's no way I can make it. Therefore, I have decided to go through a MEB. With that being said, here are my questions:

1) What are my chances of being determined "unfit for duty" and medical retirement?
2) Because I am National Guard, would I need to try to get an LOD from my PA or Commander I had on deployment or can I proceed to the MEB without a LOD? I can prove my symptoms were aggravated while on deployment.
3) Would I still continue to drill during the MEB process?
4) Do I need to live in the same state once the process begins? My fiancé is debating taking a job position out of state.


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Don’t know how it is currently, but my wife was medically retired in mid 80’s due to Chron’s. It made her non worldwide deployment. I stayed in to complete a 39 yr career. BTW, normally Chron’s decease does not get necessarily better or go away, it just stays with you. About the best outcome is just to keep it at bay, without further ulcers. Stay safe.


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Thanks for the response. Having both moderate Crohn's and UC combined, it's been a very difficult struggle. Especially when the strongest medications are not working.
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