MEB Evaluation To Be Done By QTC?


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I am new to the IDES process. I was just informed that my MEB physical will be conducted by a QTC contracted doctor at what appears to be a Urgent Treatment Center. I should add I am a National Guard Reservist with prior active service including Desert Shield / Desert Storm. My full physical is scheduled for 1200 and a blood and urine draw at 1330 over 30 minutes away from the Urgent Treatment Center. This basically leaves about 45 minutes for the Doctor to complete the full evaluation for numerous conditions, about 12 in all. Is this normal? I don’t see how an accurate exam / rating for so many conditions can be conducted in such a short amount of time.


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I would not sweat the appointment time spread. Just go to the first appointment, if it takes longer, it takes longer. I had 31 contentions and it took 90 minutes. I was very satisfied with QTC and their staff. Have you completed your DBQs? If not, I suggest you do them in advance. Doing them in advance gives the doctor lots of needed data while giving you the opportunity to google any terms you don't understand.
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