MEB, Flying Status, No Points No Pay, No Tri-Care Reserve Select


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AF Reservist / Hurt knee in 2011 while on 180 day OEF order / LOD
Knee surgery in 2012 by AF Surgeon
Profile for walk in lieu of run for just over a year
Had 3 years of clean flight physicals following surgery.
Last two FIT Tests have been straight up with no profile, including the 14:30 run
Pre-Deployment Medical Record Screening flagged / DNIF pending MEB
469 said, "provide additional medical documentation by 5 August or go No Points/No Pay."
Additional X-Ray report provided in July and they put me No Points/No Pay anyway.
Degenerative joint disease and arthritis is condition.
Chondromalacia AF = Level 3/4 Chondromalacia Civilian Ortho = Level 2/3
Need Flying Waiver and am being told that MEB is only way to get flying waiver
No Pay/No Points / T4 = No Tricare Reserve Select so now I have to purchase health insurance
I also believe that SGLI is out when a Reservist goes No Pay/No Points?
Am being told that MEB may take 12 months
Trying to stay in!!!
Can anyone provide any insight or tell me where this circus will most likely take me?
E-7 over 28 with approximately 4500 points


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Oh, the joys of AFR. I'm not an expert, so I'll refer to the experts on here. That being said, I think you're getting hosed pretty good.
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