MEB for seizure


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Hi, new user here at the very beginning of the process...happy to move this post to a more appropriate place if needed. I'm thankful this forum exists.

I had one seizure a few months ago and am taking anti-seizure medicine but have not had a formal epilepsy diagnosis from my off-base neurologist. I have just over 10 years of service.

I have a couple specific questions:
1. Is there any hope of retention for this issue? My read of the AF Medical Standards Directory and DoDI 6130.03 Vol 2 makes it look pretty bleak.
2. The 38 CFR section 8910 and 8911 show a 40% rating for a seizure within the last 6 months, or a 20% rating for a seizure within the last 2 years. Here's my big question...what is the trigger date for when that 6 month lookback period begins? Is it when I start the IRILO? Is it some other date in this process?