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Hi everyone. I am hoping I can get some assistance and advice on MEB and if I can request my PCM to start one. I was recently diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. Had blood work and MRI done to ruled out any other problem. My question is:
1- Can a MEB be initiated in Korea? Currently doing a one year remote tour. I have 8 months left.
2- I've have struggling at work (stress, dizzines, nausea, tinnitus) and I feel extremely bad my coworkers are picking up my slack. Is it wise to ask my PCM to initiate a MEB?

I am AD USAF with nine years in. Any advice or information will be greatly appreciated.


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1. Yes an MEB can be initiated in Korea.
2. I recommend NOT asking for an MEB. Talk to your PCM about how your disease is affecting your work. Let your PCM decide is your need an MEB. Asking for an MEB often gets people labeled as malingering.


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Thank you chaplaincharlie for your advice. My assigned PCM had to leave and he is not expected to return. So next appointment will be with a new PCM. But I will definitely let him know about my work performance. My current unit has removed me from my primary position because they are noticing my work is accumulating. So my unit is definitely seeing a decrease in performance. Thank you again!
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