MEB, Leave, and Moving On


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First, let me say Thank You to everyone of this forum offering advice.

I'm an Air Force O-4 with 11 yrs AD time. I was planning to separate in Nov 2018, join the IRR, and go to grad school. After grad school, I would resume life as a TR or IMA in the Reserves. When I went in to see my PCM to begin SHPE, she said she was submitting me to the DAWG which eventually ruled some of my medical issues as MEB worthy. As of today, I'm in a stack of files awaiting NARSUM.

Life was planned, school acceptance letters in hand, TAP complete, and job discussion starting...and then this MEB!

Is there any way to expedite my MEB or take leave during the process so I can continue on with planning life after the military?

I'm worried, that I'll go through 6 mon-2 yrs of the MEB only to receive a low rating and delay moving on with life.



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Unfortunately there is no expedited MEB.

Everyone deals with the issue of being unsure about what's next. There is no way to anticipate dates. It's all an educated guess at best.

Further, they usually discourage leave during your stage of the process because of the upcoming C&P exam process.

Honestly, its hurry up and wait at its worst.
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