MEB/PEB for Crohn's and Osteoartritis


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After 6 months of waiting for my MEB it came back today to my disaapointment. I have been in the USAF for 15 years and 9 months. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in Sept 2009 with Osteoartritis in knee due to ACL repair. (i can't run at all) Which my commander made me deploy 4 months after the 1st surgery came home after 3 months on the Deployment to another surgery to fix damage that wasn't allowed to heal. MEB said 20% severence pay with Discharge. Can anyone give me advice other than to go to Formal Board. Frusterated that after this long, I am getting booted with nothing, no retirement, a severence pay which will equal nothing and a complete starting over of my career. Any advice will be appreciated.


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Was the 20% for the crohn's alone or a combo of the two? I would of course suggest a formal and then talk to your GI doc and have him write up how he sees you current condition with the crohn's, Remember that for the 30% on crohn's you need to be "Moderately severe with frequent exacerbations" So if you GI doc agrees that this is your condition make sure he does a write up for you with these exact words in it. Then I would have your primary care doctor write an updated MEB summary page stating the update in your condition. These are the things I did in my appeal on my fit for duty findings. My MSC at the VA has told me that they came back with an unfit finding and that I should be very happy with the rating although he could not tell me exactly what they were due to it not being final. So that would be my advice to you. Good luck
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