MEB/PEB Questions


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I served 8 years active duty and have been 1 year M-Day soldier and I'm rated 100% from the VA. My problems from my active duty are starting to intensify and I'm being labeled as unfit for duty. I have the choice of an Administrative discharge which is quick and painless or I can go through the MEB/PEB process. The only reason I would go through the MEB process is if Tricare for life is on the table(Family) and if I would still get a blue ID card that signifies Retired Military. One of my questions is I was told that if you get medically retired as an M-Day soldier you only get Tricare for a year and medical retirement as an M-day soldier there are no added benefits. Can anyone please help me with this situation, I don't want to make a decision yet until I have all the facts and until I'm sure that going through the MEB/PEB process isn't a waste of my time. Thank you in advance.
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