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Hello everyone,
I have just started the whole MEB process two weeks ago. I met with my attorney and he informed me not to write a personal statement. I then attended a DTAPS class where they told all of us that we should submit a personal statement after they found out most of our attorneys advised us not to write one. What do you all think of this? If it vital to write a personal statement on your behalf?


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I have also heard this advice, and I think it comes down to what is in your package and what is your comfort level.

Things to remember, this is a chance to have your voice heard. Clear up the picture and let the board see how this effects your daily life.

With that being said, I don't believe that the board gives good or great personal statements that much weight. But may give a bad personal statement more weight than it deserves. This is purely speculative on my part as I have never been a board member. So I would definitely have my personal statement chopped by my lawyer or legal services provided.

I did provided a statement and it was one of the hardest things I have ever written and wouldn't want to have to do it again, so best of luck.


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If the MEB Narrative Summaries/Addenda, VA C&P exams and your Nonmedical Assessment- USAF- Form 1185, USA-DA7652, USN Nonmedical Assessment Form and USCG Command endorsement- adequately describe the unfitting nature of your various medical conditions and any gaffes in such documents have been addressed by rebuttals or IMR reviews, then a personal statement may not be necessary. However, such statements may be used to contradict your testimony should you have to appear before a formal hearing, so any personal statement should be reviewed with your counsel- military or civilian-before submission.
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