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I am currently going through the MEB process. I have finished all of my VA exams and now I'm just waiting for my NARSUM to be written. During this waiting period I am going through SFL-TAP. I am trying to prepare myself for life outside of the Army instead of waiting till I get out and try to make things happen. My problem is I am trying to go to college for the spring semester but I have no guaranteed date when I am leaving the Army. Is there a way I can clear post before receiving my rating? Or is there a way this process can be expedited so I can be out by the end of the year or before the spring semester classes start?

***I know there is a chance I can be found fit but I was told through the MEB briefings that is highly unlikely.

Here is my timeline of my MEB process:

17 September - MEB initiated
20 September - P3 profile was approved
30 September - IDES brief
1 Oct. - PEBLO Intake
9 Oct. - Mental C&P at IDES
21 Oct. - Meet with MSC and VA claim filled out
28-31 Oct. - QTC Exams
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