MEB question


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Question, I did 9 years AD Army. During those 9 years I injured my knees and broke my nose. I had 2 knee surgeries and 2 nose operations. After 9 years AD I went into the Reserves, where I am still today. I receive 60% VA for the knees and deviated septum and sleep apnea. I have over 28 years of qualifying service and have my 20 year letter. I've been given a profile and (LOD) for my knees due to second knee injury and have been deemed unfit for service. My CDR wants me to be put thru a MED Board for Medical retirement. But why cant I just do a normal retirement? Nobody can tell me what the advantage is of doing a Med Board versus a normal retirement. In fact, a Med Board may take 12 months. But if I go normal retirement then I'll be out in 60 days. What is the advantage for going the route of Med Board medical retirement? Thanks
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