MEB Request? Is there such thing? Im super new


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Hello forumers,

I am in the Navy rank E-3 and I am currently suffering from migraines which i was SIQ (sick in quarters) for yesterday and today. I also have a pending sleep study on March 1st, most likely going to come out with Sleep Apnea. I also have an ankle injury which I wear a simple ankle support strap for. I am currently prescribed these medications: Motrin/Naproxen and Fioricet for the migraines.

My question is:
Can i request for an MEB? My Chain of command knows about my conditions but hasn't said anything about MEB. My PCM is also aware but has not said anything about an MEB.

I am an air traffic controller and have been in the navy roughly 10 months.
I can't handle this military lifestyle anymore. My goal is to get medically discharged and go to college.


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my husband is navy and an E6 went through the MEB for severe migraines that have been happening for seven years - he has been in for going on nine years - and they found him fit for duty. he also has sleep apnea with a machine, planters fasciatus, high BP issues for the past five years, hearing loss, back issues, and a few others i will leave out as they are...personal.

right now, he is currently contesting the finding of FIT and requesting a formal medical board to seek an unfit finding.

i'm not sure if you can request one - for my husband, his neurologist fought him for 14 months to go to the MEB.....and even then, he was found fit.


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I'm pretty sure that you can't initiate your own MEB. In some services, a specific diagnosis may be flagged for a mandatory MEB. For instance, any diagnosis of asthma will result in an MEB per Air Force instructions. Otherwise, the two other entities that can initiate an MEB are likely your PCM or your commander. If a commander determines that your medical condition is interfering with your work, they can work with the local MTF to initiate an MEB. I think your PCM has a similar authority.
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