MEB, severance pay and possible VA recoupment questions


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Good morning, all. I've been going through the MEB process for about a month now, having been referred for two spontaneous pneumothoraces (random lung collapse) that occurred while I was on active orders for my Guard unit. LOD and all has been taken care of, and as soon as the Chapter 3 was completed last year I applied for VA benefits. The VA C&P exams gave me a total of 70% for various things, but the actual condition causing my imminent separation was processed at 0% after I conducted a spirometry exam. I understand that since the condition is not chronic, as in it isn't affecting my breathing at all times, that it doesn't rate a percentage, though it is service connected.

My question is this. Since I am receiving VA disability, but do not rate a percentage for the condition causing my MEB referral, when the inevitable decision to medically discharge me with severance pay comes down the pipes (since the condition for which I was referred does not rate a 30% or higher disability), will the VA recoup the severance from my other ratings, or will they recoup only the percentage from the pneumothoraces (so, basically nothing since it's at 0%)?

I want to get a jump start on this, as it will affect whether I agree to severance or not. The untaxable monthly income seems to be more convenient than a taxed lump sum.
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