MEB started really fast... too fast?


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I had an inguinal hernia repair about a year before I joined and all was well until the site started progressively more and more painful. I first went to see my PCM and after my second appointment was referred to General Surgery for an evaluation. After being told I dont have another hernia and have chronic pain, my PCM referred me to pain management. On my second appointment they said the only thing they could do is a nerve block which can carry complications of its own. I declined it in fear of being in more pain than I already am so the pain management clinic sent their notes back to my PCM. I called my PCM and he emailed me a list of info he would need. I sent it and almost got an immediate response that he submitted my MEB paperwork. I received a call from someone that said they received my doctors request and would call within 2-3 weeks to schedule my first appointment.
What worries me is how fast this happened, from the time I was first seen to the MEB being initiated has only been 3 months. Ive read on here where it takes forever to even have it started I just dont know why mine started so fast???
thanks in advance for any help
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MEB can be relatively fast.

Below is the timeline of my first MEB
23 Apr 08 Myocardial Infarction and Stent Implanted
4 Jun 08 CC's letter signed (strong retain)
9 Jun 08 Signed NARSUM and Letter of Exception
18 Jun 08 PEB RTD ALC C2

Less than two months after a LAD (widow maker) heart attack! The full PEB process with ratings takes much longer.


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Thanks for the reply, I didn't know if this was uncommon or not. I had just been reading that it can take several months to years to even get a MEB initiated. I don't think I will qualify for ratings or anything since my surgery was originally performed by civilian doctors so I'm hoping this process moves fairly quick


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My first appointment with my PMC was on Jan 8 2015. Yesterday, Feb 18 2015 I got a call about coming to my first MEB appointment, so just over 1 month. Talk about fast! I didn't even know I was going to be MEB.
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