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Apologize if this has been discussed if so please refer me to the proper thread I have looked. My question is quite simply this when are you actually considered to be in the Meb process? Here is why I ask this question.
I was given a counseling statement July 2016 stating an allegation was made against to be by somebody inside of my own command. It was a type of allegation that required civilian investigation first. That would complete January 2017 of this year. I was cleared of all wrongdoing in the eyes of the civilians. During this entire time frame I was also meeting quite regularly with our medical professionals and getting all of my medical paperwork and check and visiting the VA weekly and ensuring the Army was updated with what was going on medically. After civilian investigation was over they of course did a Commander's inquiry which lasted until 15 July of this year. On 12th July of this year 3 days prior to the notice I was given a new profile that did not allow me to carry weapons go to the range be deployed, Etc. Because of all of that I was told I was in the Meb process at that time more to follow. Again 15 July they serve me notice, I submit defense, last Friday they came back with recommendation which is not what I expected and I am currently on terminal leave. They stated that I did not start the Meb process until the 18th of July when the state surgeon and assistant surgeon we're back in the office to sign a memo. So what are your thoughts? The medical folks are digging into regulations to verify that the day I put on profile is the day that I began Meb as my profile stated. I am AGR and I expected I would be allowed to stay her until the Meb PEB process was complete. I need help very little time.

Thank you for your time
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