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Hello, I was wondering if someone could clarify the difference between an MEB and an IRILO? The DAWG at my base met in May and discussed my case, then I received a phone call from my PCM stating I was being forwarded for an MEB. My 469 then changed from a code 31 to a code 37 and now states at the bottom that I am undergoing an MEB to determine medical fitness for continued worldwide duty and retention. Does this mean an IRILO won't be done and only an MEB will, or can someone still decide to do an IRILO instead of an MEB? I see a lot of posts on here about IRILOs and profiles annotated as such. Can a member bypass the IRILO and go straight to an MEB? Clarification appreciated; thanks!


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When an MEB results in a return to duty; there is often a requirement for an annual RILO (review in lieu of). If the RILO notes significant change, a MEB may be ordered.
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