Med Board Evaluation Delay?


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Has anyone heard or seen the MedBoard evaluations being delayed from PDES because of the current situation with COVID-19?


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I am AD Army going through an MEB at JBLM, Washington that officially started 31 JAN 20. Every step of my process so far has been slower than Army average. I had my meeting with MSC for my VA claim on 24 MAR 20. At the conclusion of that call, she told me very bluntly that examination requests that she submitted two weeks ago have still not been scheduled. I'm not sure of your location but in the greater Seattle area, I can only imagine at any and all non-emergent healthcare appointments are either canceled or being postponed until the shelter in place order from the governor is lifted. My current assumption is that I won't have exams earlier than 01 MAY 20 and even that seems like a long shot.
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