Med board results


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Just got my results. 12 years in, mostly u/w on white hulls. Would rather not go over condition, but got 40% TDRL with 18 month re-evaluations. I fully expect the CG to screw me and bump me down to 20% after either 18 months or 3 years rather than put me on the PDRL. That seems to be increasingly common.

Anyway, just wanted to give you my timeline in case you are a Coastie struggling somewhere in our wonderful legacy med board process...

Injured June 2016. Med board initiated January 2017, submitted May 2017. Receipt acknowledged via email to my HSC by PSD-MED in June 2017. Board met January 2017, decision via a phone call from Mrs. Isaac at PSD-MED in mid February 2018. Final approval by JAG about a month later in mid March 2018 and retirement orders approved for 90 days later; retiring in early June 2018. So, as it stands right now, PSD-MED is taking roughly 6-8 months to meet after they receive your file, and another month or so to give you the decision. Assuming you accept the IPEB results and don't appeal, it'll take another 30ish days for JAG to approve the board's results before you can get retirement orders. The entire process from injury to retirement was almost exactly 2 years for me, but the actual board process was only 8 months after being received by PSD-MED.

Good luck shipmates.
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