Medboard required


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So I have been fighting the process for a while now. I have had migraines almost daily for two years. I tried everything nothing helped. Finally a monthly injection prevented them. Hence, the start of the process. They sent me to Walter Reed because i lost the inside part of my vision. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Due to COVID, no findings and sent back to Ramstein. I finally decided to come off all medicine Except thyroid medicineIn May. Headaches were significantly improved. My iRILO package went up to AFPC and they require a full MEDBOARD. My CC wrote an amazing intent letter to retain me. Now I am facing the full medboard and do not know what to do. I WANT to stay in. But my chances are not looking good so do I just claim everything now and accept I’m getting out? Any advice welcome! Also if anyone has beat this process please let me know. Thank you.


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As you probably already know, once your case reaches this phase of the process you have a 95% Chance of being seperated/retired.
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