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Hi guys, I need some help or some advises. My situation: I have been in the military for 14 years now, I’m on the medboard process at this moment, like 6 months ago I had a tooth extraction and I wasn’t healing like any other person, I wasn’t coagulating like usual, so the army conducted some labs and they found out that I have hemophilia B. Now they are trying to get me out maybe with no benefits since apparently I had it since before the military. I have been deployed 3 times and I have been stationed overseas. I’m want to stay in until retirement but it may not happen, I’m against the wall right now so I you guys have any suggestions or any pointers I would really appreciate it.
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Have you checked in to EPTS, are you fulltime active?

Existed Prior to Service (EPTS)

A young boy is injured and causes an EPTS condition“Existed Prior To Service” (EPTS) refers to medical conditions that were diagnosed or sustained before the service member joined the military. EPTS conditions can include injuries from childhood, conditions diagnosed before service, and genetic or hereditary conditions.

Both the DoD and the VA will not give Military Disability Benefits for an EPTS condition unless it is service-aggravated or the service member was on active duty for 8 years or more. To deny benefits, however, they must be able to absolutely prove that a condition is EPTS. All conditions are automatically assumed not EPTS unless they can be proven otherwise.

For example, all conditions must be clearly recorded when the service member enters active duty for them to be considered EPTS, unless they are genetic or hereditary. If no conditions are recorded when the service member enters active duty, the military will assume that he was in perfect physical and mental condition at that time.


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Ill look into EPTS, yes I’m full time active.
The condition that I have is apparently hereditary, even though I’ve never had any issues through al my military career, Not even before the military and there was never anything recorded of having any bleeding disorder until 6 months ago with that tooth extraction, wouldn’t that be the military’s negligence of not finding out about it until 14 years later? I got a phone call from my PEBLO today because my paperwork just got back from the informal PEB I haven’t talk to him in person but on the voicemail it says that I’m still not fit for duty, I know that in the regulation it states that if it’s a hereditary condition, you will get discharged, but but after 14 years and just telling me that right now I think is bull....


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If a Meb board is inevitable start claiming EVERYTHING that has happened to you over the last 14 years AND three deployments, sometimes we all have to accept an uncertain fate in life that we did not want but you have a lot on the line and you have given a lot for your country ensure you get what you are entitled to. Plenty of information on this forum for you to start researching I wouldn't sit on my hands. Good luck brother.
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