MEDICAL Failure for PRT


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Where/what is the instruction for Medical failures during the PRT? I passed my pushups/curlups easy but when I was running my Mile and a half I had HARSH chest pains and they haven't gone away since. Any time I try to lift something heavy or exercise again my chest pain comes back. Is there a waiver or anything I can do for the Cardio after I've already failed? I failed my PRT weigh ins back in the Spring so this is my last chance. I passed these weigh ins easily.


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What does your profile say? Do you/your PCM know what is causing the harsh chest pains? If not, request a cardiology consult ASAP. There are many possibilities and early intervention is often critical to avoiding long term effects.


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Go to the Doc and get a medical waiver/find out what's going on...

Google OPNAVINST 6110.1J

6. Authorized PFA Non-participation. Personnel who fail the PFA, and are subsequently granted a medical waiver for subsequent cycles, remain a PFA failure until completing and passing an official PFA. The following are the only authorized medical and non-medical exceptions for not participating in the PFA:

a. Exceptions for Medical Reasons. Medically waived status does not count as a failure or pass for the PFA and will not be used to count towards such for administrative, promotion, or retention purposes. In all cases, the Service member’s CO is the final authority for granting all PFA medical waivers, and all medical waivers shall be recorded in PRIMS and will be filed in the member’s medical record consistent with the paragraphs below:

See Enclosure 5 as well
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