Medical Retirement after Discharge from AD Service


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Glad you're still here with us today. Check out my post regarding BCRM. My situation is very similar to yours. I was administratively separated from the Air Force with "adjustment disorder." Immediately upon separating I was diagnosed by the VA with Bi-Polar Disorder. I appealed to the BCMR arguing that I had Bi-Polar as a result of active duty and my medical records should be corrected to show retirement. I won that case. If you have questions, please message me. I am happy to share my experience.

I would very much appreciate any input you may provide to us, as there are others like me that are in initial stages and a little enlightenment would be very beneficial.

Did you went "pro se" with the BCRM?..... Did the Air Force recommended MEB? PEB?.....

Please share with us your experience....

Thank you and Merry Christmas !!!



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The argument varies based on your personal situation. I hired a good lawyer who did the legwork for me. Wasn't cheap but it was worth it.

I guess the strongest points is when you were discharge. Because you have statutes of limitations that if they expired, the severity of your conditions won't mean much because you can't litigate that in court. Also, what was diagnosed while you were in AD.

Like for me, I argued that I was diagnosed with PTSD WHILE on Active Duty and the Army failed to send me through the DES in accordance to 10 US Code and many Army regulations and DoD directives. What the Army should have done was to do a dual action, separation and DES at the same time and let the Secretary of the Army to decide which one was the best course of action. But that didn't happened. And many other things that should have happened never did.
Alright quick question about what was documented when I was on AD. I had a sleep study done my last month on AD and it is not in my records so does that mean it’s null and void? Also if you were not able to do the job you were hired on for because of example your shoulders and knees that means you should have been med boarded correct?
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