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I recently finished my C&P exam and just got my DBQs back from my PEBLO. My doctor at the VA originally clicked 3-5 METs but must have changed it after I left. It is now at 5-7 which is a significant change. Due to my condition, he did an interview instead of the exercise test as my heart stops when I pass out and the VA didn't want to provoke that.

At the beginning of the form it says "Symptoms during activity: The METs level checked below reflects the lowest activity level at which the Veteran reports any of the following symptoms attributable to a cardiac condition". He clicked <5-7 METs "This METs level has been found to be consistent with activities such as walking 1 flight of stairs, golfing, mowing lawn, heavy yard work"

My interpretation is that the doctor is saying I can do these tasks without getting dizzy or nausea. I feel like I should be at the 3-5 METs based on what I have read.

Am I reading this wrong?

Also, My PEBLO is sending off my IPEB package today so how does the VA rating appeal work if they end up doing a 30% like I think they will for this condition?



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I'm not sure about your first question. In regards to the VA appeal, when you get your findings back if you disagree you can demand a formal hearing and go present your case or ask for a VA ratings reconsideration. If you ask for the formal hearing, you will get an attorney to help with your case.
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