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Migraine C&P


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So I’m looking over my C&P for my migraine condition and he describes my migraine as occurs g weekly lasting typically 8 hours with abortive Rx medications. Pain is left side pounding, throbbing sharp stabbing pain experienced primarily on the left side of head. She endorses associated features of nausea, photophobia photophobia with episodes. Medication taken for diagnosed condition is Propanol and Ibuprofen. But checks No to the section about prostarating attacks. Then checks yes to the section box that says this condition impacts my ability to work. The only rating scale I see online is for prostrating. I do remember telling him when I have an attack I can’t do anything but lay down in the dark until it passes after taking abortive medicine. My question is has anyone experienced anything similar and was still able to get a rating for migraines because I need it and looking at the appeal process online says it could take years. I’m going to try to call to QTC and see if they can fix it before my claim is filed I still have around 60 days active duty left before I retire.


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They offered me 0% for the exact same exam you had I filed an increase two years later they bumped up to 30% I appealed to the BVA and the judge granted 50%. The migraine exam has to follow the rating schedule exactly or they will low ball you.