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Hey guys. Just looking for a little help. I have an "A43 - United States Army (USA) Family Member Retired" status with the military. I've had off an on complications with keeping my compensation payments current. These are lifetime payments. Deers is being a little less than helpful. The National archives is taking forever to locate my EOB statements and Medical Benefits statements. When I was younger I was able to send a direct deposit directly to the benefits assistance office at Madigan Army Medical Center. During this time they were aware that I was having complications and they would just restart my payments. However I can now no longer locate a fax number, nor am I sure that that they'll still accommodate me in this manner. Most offices I have spoken with are giving me a runaround. I am wondering if anyone can extend a little help as to what I should do. Possibly a fax, or email, and an update as to protocol for re-instituting military payments. It has been a while for me. If I have placed this in the wrong forum please forward.


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I am not certain I understand your situation.

If you are having a problem with TRICARE: SEE LINK <---

If your ID card has expired: SEE this LINK <---

If you are due retired pay from DFAS: SEE LINK <----

If your problem is with DEERS: SEE LINK <----

You might consider visiting with a veterans' service officer in your area.

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