Military retirement vs military separation


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After 27yrs of service I was recently given a military separation from the National Guard for Ulcerative Colitis. I did not get an approved LOD through the military for this condition as I didn't complain about symptoms I suffered while I was deployed. I just thought it was something to deal with while I was deployed to Iraq and lived in the conditions we lived in. My UC has recently been service connected by the VA and rated at 30%. I know the military and the VA don't always rate conditions the same but I believe if my UC did have an approved LOD and was rated at 30% on the military side I would actually have been militarily retired instead of separated, meaning I would start collecting my retirement now instead of when I'm close to 6oyrs old.
I'm trying to find out if now that the VA has service connected my UC at the 30% level can I and should I go back to the military and try to get them to recognize this also? And if I should do this how do I start this process?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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