Miscellaneous retention failure


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Hi me again. I ffiinnaallyyy got my NARSUM and Im somewhat happy because I was found unfit filing retention bbuuttt has anybody ever failed Army retention standrds according to Ar 40-501 3-41e (1)

“e. Miscellaneous conditions and defects. Conditions and defects not mentioned elsewhere in this chapter are causes for referral to an MEB, if—
(1) The conditions (individually or in combination) result in interference with satisfactory performance of duty as substantiated by the individual’s commander or supervisor.”

My case is so odd because my referring condition is post status left inferior pubic ramus stress fractrue coxalgia. Bbuuttt they wont make my hips unfitting even though they fall below retention standard as well flexion is only 0-20 but because apparently theres not enough evidence.. uuhhhmmm what 4 years of medical evidence isnt enough?

Secondly... migranes. Ive seen a neurologist for 3 yrs, ive been on meds, still currently am i take a low dose anti depressant daily irefuse botox n ive had two steriod injections into my head for pain relief which made them worse.But thry wont find them unfitting because i never went on profile for them (never knew u could be on profile for them) and a lapse in care for about a year and that was due to no neurologist around me mine etsd and her replacement took ffoorreevveerrr. Yes my migraines are completely incappacitaing cant be in light or near sound i have to lay in a dark quiet room till they pass n i never went to quarters for them i just had a good leader who would let me lay down cuzi obviously cant drive home but shes long gone from the Army.

Should I do an IMR or go to a rebuttal? Whats your input on this?

Ha also! My cnp exam for my hip ROM was so pencil whipped even though he used the goniometer I had a second opinion done by my sports medicine and boy is there a huge difference.
Flexion 60
Extension 15

Sports Med:
Flexion 20
Extension 0

I knew QTC dr was bs because my hip is frozen in extension.
Only issue is the sports dr didnt do these on the offical VA DBQ just on an AHLTA record n i have a hard record that’s already been uploaded to ebenefits.
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