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I have a few questions in regard to moving entitlements.

I am separating within the next 2 months, hopefully. I had to submit a VA reconsideration and an appeal to the informal board. This might take a couple months. I am going to school when I separate. I might start school in a couple weeks in case the process takes longer. I don't want to miss out on a whole semester and be without the BAH when I do separate. I have 2 kids to support on my own. When I separate I am moving to my home of record because my family is there and my other child.

If I separate before I finish school and have to stay where I am for 2 more months would the Army still pay me to move to my home of record. Lets say I start school today, separate in 2 months, then move 2 months after that once I finish school. Would they pay me at the time of separation? Would they put a hold and pay me once my semester is finished? Or would they not pay me at all since I am not moving at the time of separation?

I appreciate any insight you can give me?

Sgt zo

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I think you have 12 months to file the final travel voucher. That's AF policy but you should ask your travel pay office.


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You do have 12 months, but when I was coming up on my 12th month from Retirement, Army, I filed for an extra year extension and was approved. I knew we would probably move within that next year and we did. Now that was almost 4 years ago so I am not sure if an extension would still apply.


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I recommend waiting until you have your DD-214 to make school decisions.

You have the potential of creating a lot of headache by bouncing around as you are suggesting.

A semester is only a few months. Make decisions with solid data not guessing what the VA might do in the future.
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