MS Diagnosis While a Member of the Air National Guard


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In 1999 I received a Hep A vaccination while in UTA inactive duty for training. Within 24 hours of this vaccination I was completely numb from my upper torso down. The diagnosis from my civilian Dr after a visit to the emergency room was transverse myelitis. Three years later almost to the day I had another attack of the same symptoms. This time I was on active duty. I did not see military doctors since I was already seeing a neurologist. I was also an excepted service employee of the ANG and medical disqualification from military service would have meant the loss of my full time employment. As soon as I got home and off orders I saw the neurologist. This time the diagnosis was MS. I am now 52 years old and retired from the ANG since March of 2008. I suffer from significant pain, balance issues, muscle spasms etc. as the result from this disease. I have had multiple attacks since my first in 1999. I am considering filing a claim for VA disability compensation. Is there any one here who has experienced similar? I'm not even sure I would be deemed eligible but I am personally sure that the Hep A vaccine was the catalyst that triggered these issues.

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