Multiple Health Issues

Hello all. Was on Sea duty but currently being put on LIMDU 1 for 1 medical condition and actively going through physical therapy. The odds are good that I should rehabilitate and be able to go FFD within this initial 6 month LIMDU. However, I have another physical condition, completely unrelated, that I was told by the specialist(outside provider) will need surgery within the next 6-9 months. This will require a limdu period as well. Not sure how to work this as to what policy dictates, timing overall and not trying to get med boarded at 17.5. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
Getting a medboard after 17 years, even found unfit, you are allowed to stay in until 20 as “permanent limited duty”. If you are found unfit you would be non-deployable. They won’t screw you out of your pension. Take care of yourself and get the surgery.