Multiple Sclerosis


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Im wondering can you stay in the Navy with MS. I had a relapse about 2 mths ago and they had me put in my paper work for a med board. My eye sight is a little blurry but i can still see. It has not reached my spine. I have remitting-relapsing MS. Should I even try to fight it or are they for sure going to kick me out. How long does this take?​


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First off how many years do you have in? If you aren't over 16 they wont even entertain the idea, and even now 18 years isn't 100%. If you have RRMS, you are not deployable, and therfore they will not keep you. I was told they might FFD you based on what is written, but after talking with a guy with RRMS who's in great shape with no attributed complications who is a nuke ETC (the holy grail of navy retention) even he was seperated. Of course he got a job making over 100k so he isn't that disappointed. I'm fighting for PLD at 18 years and I've been told my chances are 50/50 and getting worse by the day.
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