My CRSC Timeline.


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Sir- thanks- you confirmed what I needed to know, I appreciate it. This is some tricky math for sure. Appreciate the help!


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Hello Redbeard731,

I do not compute retroactive CRSC; there are too many variables, especially with Chapter 61 retirees.

I can offer that based on the info that the first CRSC payment you received was $322, it appears you are receiving the dollar amount of the longevity portion of your retirement pay as CRSC. The amount compared to the approved percentages suggests a relatively short period of active duty. This is conjecture on my part.

If I am correct, you could get a rough estimate of your retro CRSC by multiplying the total number of months involved x $322.

CRSC for Chapter 61 retirees with less than 20 years active duty is generally the lesser of
—longevity portion of the retirement pay
—the rate for the CRSC percentage found in the VA compensation tables

Residual (left over) retired pay from the VA offset will reduce the amount of CRSC (and could be a reason for the amount of CRSC you received).

Good luck,


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Be prepared to wait a very long time for your back pay DFAS is slow as hell!!! I just called back again today my audit was complete July 17th now I'm still waiting for signatures to get paid and now they tell me it could be another 60 days so if that's the case I'll be at 8 months waiting for my xxxx money DFAS is a joke and the people working for them !!!!


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16JUN17 - HRC received my packet.
16JUN18 - HRC approved my packet.
20JUN18 - I received my approval letter by mail. DFAS received my packet the same day.
20JUL18 - CRSC packet populated in my HRC records.
25JUL18 - CRSC LES hit MYPAY account.
01AUG18 - Received my first monthly CRSC payment.
03AUG18 - Received my 16 months of CRSC backpay.

Hope this answers some questions for Soldiers still in the process.
Was your packet straight forward, same effective date for any/all disabilities that were approved. All of mine have the same effective date and I received approval letter within 2 weeks of emailing CRSC packet to HRC. DFAS does have the approval letter dated Sep 10th 2019.


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I got my letter Sep 5th, Called DFAS a week later. Told me it would take 45 days to establish the account and 90 Days for back pay(not holding my breath)
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