My IPEB/FPEB Navy Timeline


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Hello everyone! Long time reader, first time poster. I figured I would share my timeline considering most of it has been revolving around the COVID environment.

DEC19- Referred to medboard/ elected IDES
JAN20- C&P exams scheduled and completed/ NARSUM and Personal statement completed. IDES case sent to PEB
APR20- IPEB findings received/ FPEB requested
JUL20- FPEB request accepted and scheduled for 29JUL
AUG20- FPEB findings recieved (no change in rating) and accepted
AUG20 (in detail)-
8/10- FPEB findings recieved
8/11- EOO & ROF signed and returned to PEBLO/ sent to PEB for closing of case
8/12- PEB received documentation
8/17- Case closed and sent to PERS
8/18- PERS recieved
(10% DOD/ 80% VA)

This has all been a long process, but I feel it has followed the proper timeline despite the current environment. Now I guess I just play the waiting game and wait for Separation orders!

Thank you to everyone on the forum for sharing your cases and insider knowledge. It has been really helpful through this stressful time, its never fun having your future held in someone else's hands.


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If you don't mind telling me. What did you get 10% unfitting?
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