My May 1st check did not come while still AD.


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In October 2019 I was diagnosed and placed on a LIMDU status while my PEB processed. My EAOS expired April 17th and my LIMDU orders extended until May 4th. My current LIMDU command's Admin did not mention any kind of extension paperwork to me to continue my pay. I am going in to the Admin office on May 4th 2020 to fill out any applicable paperwork. On Monday April 27th I accepted my findings from the PEB, unfit for duty and above 50% disability.

Does anyone have and information I can use moving forward? I would like to not be blind sided any more.


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Talk to medical admin. If you were not extended (as you should have been) this would explain why you were not paid. Also talk to finance. Make sure your chain if command knows.
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