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Ok, reading these posts have made me realize that my process, has not gone like it was supposed to. I know a narrative or Narsum, was done, I met with peblo but they didn't set me up with va for my C &P apts. Nope they said VA ratings will happen at same time, well not if I don't start a claim they don't, was two years in no pay no points before I was talking to a friend who said to make sure va was working on my disability rating. Peblo did nothing for me. Helwont even answer any of my questions. My unit had to resubmit my MEB several times. This March I finally got C&P exam, first rating 60% 2nd rating 90, from VA. Nothing on MEB other than it's in final review for the last 30 days. My PTSD DUE TO PERSONAL TRAUMA is rated at 70%. I have 30 years of fed service ove 12 is active duty. Now I'm told I'll get med retirement pay and va pay but I believe that's a lie. What can I do? I'm not sure they will find me employable, as I still think of suicide almost daily, yes I'm on medication. I'm just frustrated. I dont want to be forced out and hope that at very least I'll get priority placement. I've given 30 years of my life to the Air Force.


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If you think your PEBLO is giving you the run around, contact a Veteran's Service Officer in your area to represent you.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1 if you are ever feeling yourself heading down that road and get help. There are people out there that want to help you.


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I am glad you have a safety plan.

The PEB process is very low, even more so for non-AD. Hopefully you will get a positive resolution soon.
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