My NAS Pensacola Timeline so far.


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  • 27MAR20 LIMDU Starts
  • 24SEP20 Signed Med Board Referral
  • 20OCT20 Assigned a PEBLO
  • 22OCT20 Appointment with PEBLO
  • 23OCT20 DES Counsel Briefing
  • 12NOV20 VA Rep. makes contact
  • 13NOV20 VA rep goes over all diagnoses with me, over the phone.
  • 18NOV20 VA Contractor (QTC) calls to schedule C&P exams
  • 12JAN21 C&P exams completed
  • 13JAN21 NARSUM review with DES
  • 15JAN21 VA VR&E program brief
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