My results are in!!!!! 50% PDR!!!


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Heres my timeline. I am active Army stationed in Belgium. My MEB was done at Landstuhl and my packet was sent to DC.

5/19/2010 Date of Physician's notification of MEB
5/19/2010 Date commander notified of MEB
7/27/2010 Date of initial PEBLO counseling
7/28/2010 Physical exams completed
7/28/2010 Date physician dictated MEB narrative summary
9/01/2010 Date physician dictated MEB narrative summary
9/14/2010 Date counseled on MEB send to PEB
9/16/2010 Date sent to PEB
9/20/2010 Date received by PEB
12/8/2010 PEB returned for additional info
End of Jan 11 Packet returned with updated info
2/15/2011 results are in 50% permanent for Bipolar disorder

Its been a long long process and very stressful. I am thrilled with the outcome since I was only looking to get 30% or even less like 10%, since that seems the norm for bipolar.

Thanks to everyone on this forum and thanks to Jason for creating it. This has been the place I have turned to for many many answers.

Finally I can get on with my life!



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Thats great !! But dont forget about taking care of your condition. Cheers !!


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O I won't forget to take care of myself. I am happy with the outcome but it does suck that I have a medical problem that I will have to live with forever. I have a great wife who is there to keep me in check and make sure I take my meds and see the doc when I'm getting out of hand.


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Good luck in the future and don't forget to apply for your VA benefits and compensation for any service connected conditions beyond those rated by DOD.

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