My TIMELINE--21+ years E6


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MU completed 21+years. Today, I accepted my IPEB findings. **note: my NMA was not penned well at all and I had to jump through some hoops to make sure the board knew I didn't agree with the NMA (example: my command didn't ask me for any input not to mention several other inaccuracies).

My duty station is at the Washington Navy Yard and I hope my command will be sent an updated NMA procedure--they don't see too many MED boards so they used an old, outdated form.

My timeline (2020):
23APRIL: LIMDU (3rd) signed/ides referred
28 MAY: Enrolled in IDES
11 JUNE: MSC listed claims
AUG26: C&P exams
SEPT 7: C&P exams complete
OCT 7: NARSUM comp
OCT 13: submitted rebuttal
OCT 14: rebuttal and personal staremend submitted: signed NARSUM
NOV 19: PEB/VA premiliary finding (70/100)
**pending** Signature of PEB
**pending** CAPSTONE/DTAP
**pending** DD ZerosomethingZero (199 or 214 or 666)
**pending** retirement date
**pending** terminal leave
**pending** retirement
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