My Timeline and Code 37 Removal


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First of all, thank you all for sharing your timeline and knowledge. It has given me peace of mind knowing that several of you are experiencing the same frustrations and playing the waiting game, we are all in this together! Here is my timeline.

13 Sep 18 - Code 37
16 Oct 18 - Commander impact letter sent
25 Sep 18 - IRILO sent to AFPC
29 Oct 18 - Full MEB directed
6 Nov 18 - VA Coordinator appointment, listed 32 conditions (Most of which fall under Ehlers Danlos/Joint Hypermobility)
26 Nov 18 - VA C&P exams
18 Dec 18 - Signed NARSUM/Package uploaded
20 Dec 18 - AFPC notification that they received my package
26 Dec 18 - Determined unfit
4 Jan 18 - VA Received Request for ratings

My PEBLO has not been helpful regarding updates, like most of you have experienced. My package has been sitting with a rater since the 10th of January and I haven't heard anything. I checked my SURF today and my code 37 was removed. I am not sure if that is normal? I am getting very anxious, hoping to hear something soon. has had my case at Evidence gathering, review, and decision since the 7th of November.


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Been assigned to a rater since 31 Dec. Not sure why your code 37 was removed. Seems the only thing my peblo and I could think of is that P&T is taking longet than TDRL but i dunno


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Check to ensure your profile has not expired, if it has, that is the reason for code removal. Otherwise, it would be a system error as code 37's are not removed until the member has accepted their ratings.


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My code 37 was removed last week due to being approved for Limited Assignment Status. By chance did you apply as well?


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I still have a full profile that doesn't expire until September. I asked my PCM about it and she said that the code 37 removal didn't matter because I was still in the IDES process...I was found unfit and my package has been sitting with the VA since 4 Jan. Unfortunately, Limited Assignment Status wasn't an option for me.
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