My timeline and FIT finding (what next?)


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Hi All - I found this forum when I started my med process and was shocked at the length of the overall process (compounded by my WEIRD case) so without further ado.

Aug 2016 - First LIMDU (mental health)
Apr 2017 - Med board process started (was TOLD that I can't get a 2nd LIMDU) - (also started due to meds that I was told several times would not impact fit for full!)
Sep 2017 - Fit (IDES) Appealed
Oct 2017 - FIT
Dec 2017 - FIT finding revoked by navperscom (WEIRD!) -- No one had any info for like a week then told it was a QA and med board will be scheduled.
MAR 2017 - Formal board.
Apr 2017 - FIT

So my question is what next? I was told that in 6 months I can re-start this entire process over -- am I able to be on limdu while being fit? Will ask my new Dr. in a few weeks.
My first fit was due to the command statement, board was due to my medical condition that was changed 2 weeks prior to the board! 2 weeks!!! even though 1.5 years of no change. So frustrated at command/medical and the fact that I was under oath telling people exactly my condition and how it impacts my work life and life.

Oh and my situation gets even better!
So I failed my previous PRT and then it changed to it doesn't matter (well if you are not staying in)
This whole 12 months and you are out if not fit for full is being pushed.

So I can't stay in (re-enlist) and I can't leave the service for almost another year..........13 years of service.


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Look, what kind of mental health? If its General Anxiety Disorder you are wasting your time and will be found fit. Anything else you will need intake to build your case, intake meaning they show up put cuffs on you and haul you away in an ambulance to a MH facility where your life for the next few weeks or months is going to SUCK most are ran like a prison. Just know that intake comes at a price which can affect your life in other ways because civil orders are generated on your file that prevents you from owning guns working certain jobs etc. But it sounds like your case at least medically is not preventing you from completing your contract.
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