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Figured it could help out future Marines going through the process.

Dec25th: MEB board referred
Dec26th:met with lawyer
Jan13th-25th: C&P exams
Feb15th: Signed package to be sent to Peb (my medical provider is slow when it comes to writing his statements)
Feb25th: Peblo mailed to PEB
Mar1st:peb accepted case
Current: my findings at the peb are currently being wrote up, in final stages.

I was also MEB referred for MDD and PTSD, been going to MH since September 2017.

Hope this helped!


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From what I've heard 2-4 weeks
PEB usually DOES NOT take more than 3 weeks to determine fit or unfit staus. If your PEPBLO submitted your MEB findings to the PEB on 1 MARCH 2019, by now you should have heard from them. Try and follow up with your PEBLO to track where your paperwork is at the moment.

Nutmeg genesis

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How where you able to find the stat, it'd be nice to see the Marine Corps stat. Then again I'm just really anxious to be found unfit


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I know your marine core I am navy but just out of curiosity are you east coast DC peb just wondering bc I am and my package was sent on feb 26 from Naval Medical Center Portsmouth just comparing timelines to see when I should start bothering my Peblo. Since your in QA phase it may be realistic to think my package has had some movement at the IPEB.
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