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Hello All,

Been scanning this forum for a couple months now, figured id post my timeline to help out the next person as much as the information here has helped me.

Had knee surgery in Feb 2018 to replace torn cartilage in my right knee. 12 months of limdu with no improvement.

Medboard Initated: 6 Feb 2019
Met with Peblo: 7 Feb 2019
Impact Statement / NMA: 8 Feb 2019
Met with MSC: 9 Feb 2019
DTAP Class : 13 Feb 2019
C&P Exam; Hearing / Vision 19 and 21 Feb 2019
C&P IDES: Full body / MH / TBI : 21-23 March 2019
C&P Results: 8 April 2019
Narsum Complete: 8 April 2019
Package submitted to PEB: 8 April 2019

I do have one question if anyone can help. The IDES doctor incorrectly dignosed my ankle and never mentioned my fractured elbow that locks up and pops a lot. Should I get this looked at now or wait until the results come back and do it with the appeal ?

Thank you in advance.
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