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So on August 17th my PCM notified me via email that they are prepping my MEB package. On September 18 I did a “VA” appointment/questionnaire via telehealth with my specialty care provider at Walter Reed. I have reached out to the IPEB legal office about timelines and what to expect, and from my understanding this first phase takes the longest And I won’t be assigned anyone until they have made the findings. A couple weeks ago my 90 day light duty status ended and my AO called to issue me orders across the country. I explained that I should not be fit for full in the system, and when I talked to my PCM he said that I should not be getting transferred, and that everyone that should be aware of the situation is aware. I have yet to see anything in writing, so I am worried about the orders issue. Additionally, I was told that I would be covered for failing the upcoming weigh in, since my MEB and Rx has affected my weight/physical abilities. Again I have nothing in writing and I have yet to sign anything. I am somewhat add/assigned to a different unit for the time being and have not had much contact with the command I am technically attached to.

Questions: 1. Should I be notified officially/have signed something by now?
2. The specialty care provider submitted findings to the VA and said I should hear back from them for follow up. Should I be getting in touch with someone?
3. If both my PCM and Specialty Care provider say that I am not fit to transfer is there policy stating I will not transfer? I have had trouble finding that policy for MEB. I emailed legal and have yet to hear back. I will probably call tomorrow.
4. If the PCM has lagged on submitting the MEB paperwork, can I get pushed out of the CG for my weight without receiving the proper medical treatment and rating that I need to ensure I can continue to be treated for my disability? Legal said that I ”should” be able to explain the situation and receive an abeyance. PCM said that after failure I will have an appointment with him that should cover me.
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