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Has anyone seen anyone boarded for myocarditis? I was diagnosed with it last year, and spent a few days in the hospital for it. I have residual chest pain here and there, but the cardiologist hasn't said much, as we're still doing different tests. Of the tests conducted (echo, holter, EKG) all have been normal according to the documentation.

I understand that in AR 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness, 2-18 e states "Current or history of cardiomyopathy (425), including myocarditis (422), or congestive heart failure (428), does not meet the standard."

I assume thats not a given for a medboard, but should I expect my PCM to explore the option? I really have no idea how any of this works, so thanks for any input.


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Knowing your ejection fraction is important from a compensation standpoint. It could be determined via MRIs of the heart, heart cath, or echo.

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I've had all of the above done, but my PCM wasn't too concerned. That leads me to believe (without looking into it further) that they're not worried (or don't care)

I have the paperwork that states my ejection fraction, I'll check it out and do some research based on what it says.

Thank you
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