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Referral: 01/04/2018
VA Claims: 01/10/2018
Medical Exam: 01/23/2018
Medical Evaluation Board:_____

I signed and had my packet sent to San Antonio on 13 Feb 2018. I spoke to my PEBLO on 20 Feb 2018 on the status of my packet because all of a sudden my IDES Dashboard now doesn't show my timeline at all. The dates I provided are the last information I was able to pull from the dashboard. After speaking to my PEBLO he informed me that all we are waiting on now is to receive my unfit memo. Does anyone know of any issue with the IDES Dashboard?

A little detail of my situation. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy after a sleep study referral. My MSLT results were consistent with my diagnoses. As far as my claims, my narco. and knee injury are both considered medically unacceptable. I have been battling with severe knee pain since 2014 when I had my leg pinned down while conducting recovery operations with a Stryker, where my dumb private not knowing self propped the tow-bar up with my knee which resulted in all the weight of the trucks coming down on my leg. Since then I had an MRI and X-ray literally every year and was always told the same thing "deal with it or get out". I dealt with it and once I PCSed to Ft Campbell the orthopedics here wanted to review my case which resulted in the findings of an ACL tear which I had surgery for June 2017. Also, the VA will be compensating me for my mental health conditions which some are conflicting with similarities to my narco.

I will keep posting updates on the situation and am happy to provide any information. Also, I would really appreciate if anyone can provide any information in regards to the issue going on with the IDES Dashboard showing that I have no open case.

Thank you.


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Hi, have you heard anything back regarding your narcolepsy? I am facing MEB for Narcolepsy as well, and there isnt much out there to ease my mind as far as percentages and whether odds are in my favor to be retained...
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