NARSUM and Commander's Impact Statement


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This is my first post, so I'll give you some background regarding my situation. I'm active duty AF with 14 years of service. I've had cervical spine issues for the past 9 years or so, with a cervical arthroplasty in 2015. I recovered and felt much better. I was able to return to normal duty and deployed in 2016. I injured my neck during an off base response while wearing the bomb suit. I've been fighting off neck pain and stiffness as well as arm pain and numbness. There's all sorts of other side effects that go along with this, but I'll get to the question. Below is a breakdown of my NARSUM and Commander's Impact Statement. I am curious to see what is recommended in my situation with the Airman Acknowledges block on the Commander's Letter. I feel like both the PCM and commander are including "character statements", but it feels like they are also recommending a position that would keep me strictly administrative role. The problem I have with this is two fold. I never really mentioned wanting to be restricted to a admin role such as teaching. Second, is that the medication (mainly the anti-seizure meds) I have to take to bring my pain level down to a minimum leaves me drowsy and unreliable (I don't know if I should include this). Also, I do not wish to have surgery until I start losing strength/muscle function. I don't want to keep babbling on, so if you need more information that isn't below let me know and I will gladly update this thread.
NARSUM ( I have a full copy with sensitive data removed)

Commanders Impact Statement
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