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I went to see my PEBLO today and he gave me a copy of my Narsum. The doc wrote the NARSUM heavily favoring unfit for the military. What kind of weight does my doctor's recommendation carry? Also the PEBLO has requested a Commander's letter from my new commander. I was informed in a meeting with my boss that the commander and the first shirt wants me out the Air Force because I can't deploy with my condition. What kind of weight will a commander's letter recommending an unfit finding have at the IPEB?

Thank you in advance :)


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Well the board has three basic things to go by.

2. Commanders Letter
3. Your records

Lets just play the odds.

66% septation 33% Stay in. (that is is your records are borderline or better for fit finding.)

Now for the good news, you can always appeal.

But you really never know though.


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I have a narsum question. My husband just went to his read and sign today and I took issue with where it says that he has no difficulties in his relationships with his supervisors and peers. He has had several episodes in the last year where he has had episodes of losing his cool and exploding verbally against his some of his supervisors. When I pointed it out as incorrect the PEBLO said to leave it that way because it looks better to the board to show that he has good relationships at work. Considering one of his diagnosis is ptsd is this really good advice? It seems important to document the ways that his ptsd impacts his work relationships.

Only have till Monday to go in and sign the narsum so any advice on this would be greatly apprieciated.
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